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Self Service Touchscreen Ordering

Our Self Service touchscreen ordering payment stations are suitably designed for all hospitality business who are looking to save on staff, reduce customer waiting times and increase profits. All self service till ordering systems have the ability to be wall mounted, counter mounted or on a pedestal. Self-service ordering software available from South West Systems which is integrated with our SWS 15" EPOS Till Systems and cloud back office software. Pricing from £2000.00. Please enquire for a quotation
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Self Service Touchscreen Ordering

The Top 4 Reasons Your Business Needs Kiosks Self-service kiosks are popping up in many industries, including retail, foodservice, hotel, healthcare, transportation, government, and gaming. Here’s why: 1. Line Busting and Work Flow: Kiosks are a tried-and-true solution for line busting. Your customers may even look for them when they don’t have time to wait. Orders sent directly from a kiosk to a restaurant kitchen or that notify staff of a healthcare facility that a patient has arrived can also help you improve workflows and save time — which makes your business run more efficiently and creates better customer experiences. 2. Free Up Employees to Do More: When your customers use self –service kiosks, it will reduce the need for labor for that task and allow your employees to turn their attention to other areas of the business — such as keeping a restaurant dining room clean or assisting customers in the aisles, rather than being stationed at a checkout. If a kiosk can free employees from doing a simple, repetitive task, it may also help you create a happier workforce. 3. Save Time and Money: With kiosks deployed throughout your business, you can offer more services at a lower cost. This can help move customers more quickly and eliminate the need to hire new employees to expand your offerings. 4. Build a Self-Service Side of Your Business: New customers may be attracted to your business if they know they have the option to skip lines and get on their way more quickly. Kiosks with easy-to-use touchscreen interfaces help improve user experiences and make doing business with you even more convenient. To provide the most value to your business, the kiosk solution you choose should be powerful, secure and purpose-built for the task at hand. Learn more about what South West Systems kiosk solutions have to offer.
Our SWS self service touchscreen offers complete flexibility when customers order. Products can be easily grouped into departments with images and the selection process is as easy as touching what you see. If the customer needs to remove an item then this can be done. If the product has options linked to the main item then these options can be selected step by step for each item. Once the order has been processed and paid for then the order will go immediately to one of our kitchen printers or kitchen display systems for staff to make up the order.
Our high spec cloud back office software is a unique web browser based back office that allows business owners and management to access real-time and date ranged reports from any location and from any PC, tablet or smartphone. More and more businesses are enjoying the benefits of a cloud based back office software as this allows store owners and accounts departments to easily view reports instantly as well as export sales and other reports to PDF, Excel, CSV. Furthermore, all price changes and item creation can be done seamlessly from the cloud back office with immediate effect. Other great features our software offers include period reports i.e. breakfast, lunch, evening separate report data for the business, end of day terminal reconciliation, audit viewer, check viewer, sales by item, hourly sales report, production item report, void and discount irregularities report with reasons, wine appellator function, modifier creation editor, hourly sales happy hour centre plus many more features and electronic reports. We also offer 3rd integrations with Fourth Hospitality, Cheftec, Compeat to name but a few.
Once you have placed your order with SWSystems our expert software engineers will fully setup your cloud store and front end software App which will be specifically tailored to your business specifications. This includes receipt settings, store settings, table layouts, catagories, job assignments, staff setup and all your menu added. Adding additional menu items yourself is very easy to do and is done on the cloud back office software. Once done you will able to receive your store credentials and start using the EPOS Till system. Any on-going amendments or modifications to your system are all included at no extra cost, and we are always at the end of the telephone or email for any assistance. If you require additional software terminals after purchase i.e more fixed or mobile iPad EPOS Till softwares then additional monthly costs are very low

Self Service Touchscreen Ordering

Boost sales, increase revenue, keep staff happy with our award winning, industry leading SWS iPad EPOS Till Software and cloud back office software
SWS have incorporated an advanced employee clock in and clock out system can be set for EPOS Till users or non users such as kitchen staff or cleaners. We can set non-point of sales users to clock in but not use any of the functionality on the iPad till software. Features include clock in and clock out through iPad, employee tracking time and attendance, gross wages, manual adjustments on back office software, hourly overrides, tip declaration, min and max pay rates, overtime calculations and overtime reporting. Plus we can export to lots of different 3rd party payroll softwares. Assign multiple different job codes to each employee with different rates with minimum and maximum wage amounts to prevent underpaying or overpaying an employee when assigning a particular pay rate
Our website design service and optional online ordering software has been engineered to maximise usability, asking only the questions that need to be asked, in exactly the order the customer would expect them. Our real-time integration with the SWS iPad core EPOS solution means nothing for you to manage. Orders appear on your iPad EPOS system and your kitchen line exactly like when you take them live in store. All your customer needs to do is visit your company website. There, the customer selects the desired food from your menu and stores it in a virtual shopping basket. Sent orders will instantly appear at the store on the iPad Kitchen Display monitor. Attract new customers and keep existing customers by offering online ordering. Even devoted customers can be attracted to a competitor who offers online ordering if you don’t. Your staff will spend less time answering phone calls and more time serving customers in your restaurant to provide optimal service. The average phone order takes about 2 to 3 minutes, longer for the customers full of questions. Online orders are clear, avoiding the expensive headache of miscommunication. Also, customers tend to place larger orders online because they have time to browse your menu with no pressure. Don’t worry about order notifications, they are standard with our software; orders are real-time and sent to the kitchen printer and or iPad KDS system immediately. An online order is treated just as if the order was placed it instore. And we don’t stop there, we also have an automated message system that keeps both the customer and your store manager informed of the order. With SWSystems online ordering, you never miss an order, you spend less time on the phone and you receive larger orders.


Unlimited Modifiers

Design an unlimited amount of custom menu item modifiers. Each menu item can have its unique modifier method attached, so you have total flexibility to provide your customers with easy and intuitive choices when ordering items.


Thanks to the coursing function, while the order is being placed, a specific menu item will be displayed on the ordering screen with its default coursing setting, configured in advance.

Table Side Ordering

Pubs, Bars, Cafes and Restaurants now have a portable, fully featured iPad EPOS Till System to take orders right at the table, get instant pairing recommendations to help upsell, transmit orders directly to the kitchen, drinks dispense, accept payment and print customer receipt receipts and open cash drawers.

Boost Up-Selling

Employee contests can help increase average spend by customers allowing for more upselling and boosting morale. SWSystems EPOS Till software helps convert your staff from a labour cost to a marketing tool by motivating them, therefore increasing server retention and improving the overall customer experience.

Loyalty App Design Services

Leverage your iPad EPOS Till as more than just an ordering device. Create unique messages, promote your events, and add news and marketing packages without expensive software add-ons. Utilise our separate, business app design services with our SWS iPad Till to have a complete marketing solution. View your own bespoke business app with your brand and content from just £150.00 setup fee.

Wine Appelator

Our easy to use wine editor allows staff to upsell more expensive bottles of wine to your customers at the table. Sort by price, best buy, bin number, rating, varietal, style, rating all on the front end app with the customer. We can even add wine descriptions to each wine to provide your staff with unparalleled upselling capabilities and professionalism.
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Christian's Bistro

SWSystems iPad till software has been a great addition to the business and the staff love it

The Gallery Restaurant

The support and development team have been very helpful. The SWSystems restaurant iPad EPOS Till Software has been a key ingredient in the success of the business along with their business app services

Seashells Restaurant

5 star iPad till software, brilliant UK support and high functionality that is required for a busy, restaurant business

Brighton Dome

Easy to use for, competitively priced and very clean front end and cloud back office software. Would recommend 5*

Hangar No. 4

The best till system I have used in years!

The Shed

Jay, Josh and Jake and the rest of the support team have been very patient with us with the new SWSystems iPad EPOS Till. Would recommend 5/5


SWSystems offered us a specialist setup with Fourth Hospitality inventory integration which has been working very smoothly. Lovely to use software too!

IL Calice

We decided to use SWSystems iPad Till software because there software offered lots of great features which was really affordable.


Customers comment on the sleekness of the iPad till software and staff find it very easy to use