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Garden Centre Weigh Label Scale Systems

South West Systems are the leading UK distributor of Avery Berkel XTi and XTs weighing scale systems and software for all types of businesses including retail shops, wholesalers and food manufacturers. Enjoy brilliantly crafted front end touchscreen label scale software and / or epos till scale software with 100's of easy to use features and reports. Enhance your business with one of our various back office software packages to complete your system. Pricing from £69.00 a month. Enquire for a quotation to run through functionality and business requirements
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Garden Centre Weigh Label Scale Systems

Our Avery XTi scale range offers a complete enterprise solution for all types of businesses from busy single sites to multi-site establishments using reliable front end software and back office software. Scalability, resilience, integration are key to the success of our software with 100's of satisfied clients in the UK and worldwide. We supply the complete range which includes current models XTi100, XTi200, XTi300, XTi400, XTi410 and XTi420, XTi 600. Please enquire for a quote
Our smart, scale software has been methodically designed and crafted with over 20 years of development. This means that the front end software is not only beautiful to look at but also expertly polished with 100's of great features and lots of reports. Management and staff security comes as standard as well as easy to use labelling features such as on demand label printing, pre-pack mode, non-weighed and weighed printing, barcode printing and multiple barcode formats, allergen and ingredients section, use by dates, best before date, pack date, traceability, a vast number of label format options as well as many other features. We also offer advanced back office software for doing customer accounts, trade and retail pricing, invoicing and date ranged, electronic reporting, inventory control for both weighed and non-weighed products as well as easy to use order preparation management. We also offer a combined epos till scale and label printing scale all-in-one for less cost called the SWS XTi 420. If you require further information on pricing or a remote, back office software demonstration then please contact us for a formal quotation on 01392 275324, press 1 for sales. Alternatively, you can email [email protected]
South West Systems back office software options are unique offering business owners and management to access real-time scale data in a network at each site. More and more businesses are reaping the benefits of our smart back office software as this allows store owners and accounts departments to easily make changes to product databases, text information on a label as well as instantly run reports from both label and till scales. Added benefits include the ability to export reports to PDF, Excel and CSV for our range of till scales and label printing scales. Furthermore, all price changes and item creation can be done seamlessly from the back office with immediate effect with no disruption to the scales in use. For wholesalers and food manufacturers we can cater for different pricing for specific customers as well as individual barcode formats for each customer. Our back office software software also allows store owners and management to do invoicing linked to scale customer accounts and ledgers all in real-time. Delivery notes and customer details can be viewed in real-time as well as the ability to monitor inventory and do stock takes. Obtain a quote today on our range of label printing scales and touchscreen scale till systems
Once you have placed your order with SWSystems our expert software engineers will fully setup your store and front end software Apps on each system scale which will be specifically tailored to your business specifications. This includes all your products and prices inputted for you at no extra cost. Also included is label and / or receipt setup, store settings, departments, groups as well job assignments and staff setup, plus we can even upload a logo for you. Once done you will able to receive your store credentials and start using the system 100% complete. Any on-going amendments or modifications to your system are all included at no extra cost, and we are always at the end of the telephone for any assistance. In terms of out of office hours support we also offer weekend and late night software support emergency cover in case of any eventualities.

Garden Centre Weigh Label Scale Systems

Designed specifically for garden centres and pet stores. The XTi and XTs range offers everything a business owner would need for weigh labelling with barcode printing which can be integrated with ours or 3rd party EPOS Systems
SWSUK offer an excellent range of software options tailor-made for your business. New and existing businesses can start with the standard software which includes product maintenance, label editor, keyboard editor, staff editor and standard electronic reporting. However, we also offer additional software options which include advanced, date ranged electronic reporting for EPOS Till scales, loyalty app design services, barcode scanning, mix and match, invoicing and customer accounts integrated with scale software, customer ledgers, delivery notes, real-time stock inventory, multi branch options, traceability, simple or complex label design and layouts, plus many other scalable options that are easy for store management to use. Software can be added or removed at any point in time to suit your business requirements. Please enquire for a quotation.
SWS offer the latest in touchscreen till / label scale technology. The Avery XTi 420 is a dual role scale which can work as both a label printing scale and as a epos till scale. As there are two thermal printers on the scale you can print both labels and receipts at the same time. This system is primarily designed for on counter businesses looking to maximise their counter space and also save money with having two systems in 1. Our cash drawer interface and optional omni-directional barcode scanner interface can also be configured by one of our engineers resulting in a cost effective, high end system for all types of retail businesses looking to weigh, label and give a receipt. For discounted pricing please enquire on 01392 275324, press 1 for sales


Label format adjustments

Our back office software offers scale users the ability to fully customise your label format or multiple label formats. From commodity name, ingredients text, allergens, use by dates, best before dates, pack dates, traceability, barcode formats, text references, weight, price per kg, total price, logo options as well as 100's of other features. For more information please email us on [email protected]

Fast Scanning

Our scanning software is ideal for busy retail stores and wholesalers who require the ability to scan barcodes quickly. We can also cater for businesses who require both retail scanning and wholesale either in the same site or across multiple sites. Multi-directional barcode scanners can be used as well as cheaper handheld barcode scanners. If your business is also looking for a quotation for separate EPOS Till systems then please email or call us

Invoicing and Customer Accounts

SWSystems offer clients the option to have a detailed invoicing and customer accounts software package whereby any trade customer account, wholesaler customer, telephone order or retail walk-in can have their produce put through the scale and that customers order is automatically generated into an invoice on the back office software in real-time. This allows your business to stay in full control of your customers on account as well as offer individual tailored pricing or discounts for each customer. All reports can be saved to PDF, Excel and CSV as well as printed to an A4 printer including delivery notes.

Staff Upselling

Employee contests can help increase average spend, upsell, improve customer service, or boost morale. They help convert your staff from a labour cost to a marketing tool by motivating them, increasing employee retention and improving the customer experience.

Business App Design

Leverage your XTi or XTs scales. Create unique messages, promote your events, and add news and marketing packages without expensive software add-ons. Utilise our separate, business app design services with our Avery scale label or till systems to have a complete marketing solution. View your fully bespoke business App with your style and content for just £150.00. Small monthly fee applies thereafter which includes your cloud back office software for editing your business app, running reports, marketing your app customer base via push notifications and email app marketing as well as unlimited submissions and support from our app development team

Enhanced Reporting

Our smart, back office software software offers date ranged reporting on EPOS Till scales that can be generated in seconds. All our reports can be exported to PDF, Excel and CSV and can be printed to an A4 printer. This is a recommended software option if you are purchasing our range of SWS XTi or XTs EPOS Till scales
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Country Farm Butchers

We really love the SWS XTi touchscreen label / till scales and software put into our busy butchers. The systems are reliable and easy for staff to use. I would recommend them to other businesses.

Gardeners Fruit

We have 3 SWS XTi touchscreen till weighing scales and back office software in out store and the EPOS Till / scales have been excellent in improving customer throughput. Staff love them and during busy periods the queues shrink very quickly 10/10

La Fromagerie

SWSystems range of touchscreen label scales have been some of the best that I have worked with. The ingredients, allergen info and store branding look great on our labels.

The Grocery London

Great looking scale with great design. The touchscreen software is intuitive and the support from South West Systems has been excellent. Will buy again


We have 1200 stores nationwide Sainsbury's utilise the Avery XTi range of on counter label printing scales and self services scales. South West Systems have been very helpful

Brompton Food Market - Kensington

The label scales are easy to use and have lots of customisations. We also have this linked in with our scanning EPOS Till Systems.