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SWS A-Class 15" EPOS Till Systems

Our award winning SWS Cloud EPOS Till Systems have superior performance and software functionality for all types of hospitality businesses. Enjoy brilliantly crafted premium till software with 100's of easy to use features as well as detailed electronic reporting on our high-tech cloud back office software. All our systems and software have the ability to integrate with an online e-commerce website. Whether this be for table service, collection and delivery as seen with hospitality businesses or for centralised product and stock information for retail e-commerce businesses. Pricing for complete systems from £28.00 per month
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Table, Collection, Delivery Online Ordering

What's included with SWSystems

The all-inclusive cloud monthly fee includes the latest front end software, cloud back office software and software support cover.
  • No hidden costs
  • 12 months hardware cover on new systems
  • Telephone software support
  • Internet remote software support
  • Email software support
  • HMRC Compliant
  • Free delivery
  • On-going hardware and software support cover

SWS A-Class 15" EPOS Till Systems

Our SWS EPOS Till Systems and cloud software are the complete enterprise solution for all business types from busy single sites to multi-site franchises and chains. Our leading EPOS Tills use reliable cloud, web based technology to provide real-time and date ranged electronic reporting to head office, as well as the ability to customise your products and pricing from any location and from any PC, tablet or smartphone. Please click on the tabs below to view further videos, images and other information regarding our 5* till systems
Our smart, EPOS Till software has been methodically designed and crafted with over 19 years of development. This means our software is not only great to look at and use, but highly functional with 100’s of features, functions and cloud back office software electronic reports. Detailed store management and staff security are included as standard, as well as detailed financial reporting on our cloud back office software with 100's of electronic reports to view by date range and export to PDF, Excel and CSV as well as many other outputs. Functionality on our front-end EPOS software includes table functions, covers, smart table plans, tabs, add name to tabs, kitchen printer messaging, pre-set messages for fussy customers, drinks dispense printouts, discounts by amount, percentage, total, item and complimentary, vouchers facility, 2 for 1 mix and match, cheapest free, happy hour pricing, not found scanning items, discount loyalty, online ordering e-commerce integration with smart collection and delivery software with your business branding, Apple and Android Apps for collection and delivery with your business branding, hotel PMS room postings integration for food and drink bills, integrated credit / debit card terminal payments, mobile tablet ordering software, mobile app loyalty including promos and digital loyalty stamps, self-service till ordering stations with integrated built-in credit / debit card payments, reservations software, cashless topping up software for customer accounts, gift cards, integration into Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, Prestashop and Opencart websites plus many other software enhancements. We are constantly developing our systems and software to make sure we offer one of the best EPOS Till Systems on the market. If you require more information then please contact us at [email protected] or call us on 01392 275324, extension 1 for sales.
Grocery Departments Void Payment Screen Change Screen How cooked Item Search Manager Screen
South West Systems cloud back office software is a unique web browser back office package that allows business owners, management, head office admin and accountants to access real-time, date ranged, electronic rich report data from any location from any PC, tablet or smartphone. More and more businesses are enjoying the huge benefits of our superior cloud based back office software as this allows store owners and accounts departments to easily view reports instantly as well as export sales and other reports to PDF, Excel, CSV. Furthermore, all price changes and item creation can be done seamlessly from the cloud back office which is both simple to do and instant the changes. For both hospitality and retail stores our cloud stock control software allows store owners and management to view real-time stock levels in each branch as well as carry out purchase ordering with suppliers. Wastage, stock taking and unit conversions can all be easily setup on our cloud back office software. Other great features our software offers include end of day terminal reconciliation, branch reporting, electronic journal viewer to monitor staff voids and discounts, sales log by staff, item sales, item sales by staff, hourly sales report, item sales profit report, top 50 best sellers, ullage report, items sold by brand or manufacturer, void reason report, cross multi-branch reporting for chains, real-time stock level report with cloud stock control software, discount totals, modifier creation editor, time and attendance, hours worked, online ordering e-commerce integration for both collection and delivery with your business branding as well as iOS Apple App Store Apps and Android Google Play Store Apps with your business branding to increase revenue and simplify the order process for your customer base on their smartphones. Additional accounts integration packages include Xero, Sage and Quickbooks and we are constantly increasing our software functionality and integrations each month making South West Systems one of the most reliable, flexible and affordable epos system partners to work with.
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Once you have placed your order with South West Systems our expert software engineers will fully setup your cloud store and front-end EPOS till systems which will be specifically tailored to your business specifications. These are 100% fully setup ready to go. This includes your full menu added or a product import if retail. Keyboard and functions setup, receipt settings, store settings, departments, groups as well job assignments and staff setup, a logo can also be added to your receipt. Once completed, you will able to receive your store credentials and start using the system straight away. Any on-going amendments or modifications to your system are all included at no extra cost, and we are always at the end of the telephone or a PC to remotely access your EPOS Till Systems or cloud store to make immediate changes for your business. If you require to know how to do certain changes then we are more than happy to provide you with training on this and / or provide you with easy to use manuals on how to make those changes in-house. This is all included at no extra cost

SWS A-Class 15" EPOS Till Systems

Designed specifically for hospitality businesses, our SWS 15" and 15.6" EPOS Till Systems offer unrivalled hardware reliability, software functionality and affordability for all business types
South West Systems offer an excellent range of cloud software options tailor-made for all businesses. New and existing businesses can start either with our standard software options to keep costs low which are our cloud electronic reporting and product maintenance. However, we also offer additional software options which include real-time, web-based stock control with purchase ordering with suppliers, cloud time and attendance, cloud collection and delivery software as well as to table online ordering software with real-time kitchen management. More clients are now purchasing our branded mobile iOS and Google Play design service linked in with our online ordering software. Over 95% of our clients now have some sort of integrated credit / debit card payment terminal working alongside our EPOS Tills. We work closely with our integrated card partners to provide you with the most competitive card terminal rates. Further add-on's include cloud cashless customer accounts, web based points loyalty with contactless swipe cards or contactless cards, retail scanning functionality, pump pouring cellar stock integration software, mobile tablet table ordering software, integrated board of trade approved weighing scales, mobile handheld stock / price changing device, CCTV integration, self-service weigh label systems and self-service weigh label systems for zero waste stores doing container tares. For hospitality, our hotel and bed and breakfast clients have the option of having integration into certain PMS software’s for room posting. Additionally, clients are now adding on our Xero, Sage, Quickbooks accounts integration packages to our systems. Wall mounted till kiosks for quick service payments are also growing. Note our cloud software options can be added or removed at any point in time to suit your business requirements. Please enquire for a quotation or email us for more information on our range of software solutions at [email protected]
Our SWS A-Class EPOS Till Systems and cloud back office allows customers to order to table, collect and also if need be do delivery through our custom online ordering platform. This is all integrated with our EPOS Systems front end and cloud back office software product database with our own integrated dashboard for viewing online sales and EPOS Till sales. All online orders placed by customers from their smartphone or web enabled device are sent to the stores specific kitchen printers and drinks dispense printers t in real-time as soon as they are placed. The order can then also go to an Android tablet or laptop to be accepted or auto-accepted. More importantly there is only 1 small monthly fee per month and there are No hidden fees or commission fees to be paid at the end of the month. Research has found that clients who switch to our EPOS systems and online ordering platform from 3rd party aggregators such as Just Eat and Deliveroo save on average £500-£1000.00 a month as you only pay 1 monthly fee with us and there is NO commission to pay for each transaction. For retail businesses if an order is put through online through your WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, Opencart, Prestashop store the order will be logged on your web back office software as well as printed through the receipt printer by the EPOS Till or a dedicated order printer if you are very busy.


To Table Online Ordering, Collection and Delivery Software

All our EPOS Tills offer smart online table ordering, collection and delivery which is fully integrated into our cloud back office software. Online orders arrive in real-time to your kitchen printer or to one of our kitchen display screens giving your chefs and front of house easy control of orders and in-store or over the phone orders. During Covid we have seen a 400% increase in online ordering sales with our EPOS Tills for all business types. For a small additional cost, we can also offer businesses their own branded iOS and Android App for your client base to download and order from.

Self Service Ordering Payment Systems

Our heavy duty, smart ordering payment till stations can help reduce staff costs, reduce national insurance and pension costs for the business, as well as reduce customer queue waiting times. This in turn keeps customers happy as well as increase the throughput of orders thus increasing business profits. Many of our clients see an excellent rate of return within a few months with our systems

Real-time stock control

SWSystems have a number of software options available to clients, one of them being the stock control add-on. Monitor real-time stock at each branch easily from the cloud and use our purchase ordering facility to order more stock with suppliers. We can also cater for unit conversions, recipe stock control, wastage, pouring control integration, branch stock takes, stock at cost as well as GP profit reports plus many more features and stock electronic reports.

Staff Upselling

Employee contests can help increase average checks, upsell, improve customer service, or boost morale. They help convert your staff from a labour cost to a marketing tool by motivating them, increasing employee retention and improving the customer experience.

Mobile Tablet Ordering

Turning tables over is vital for any hospitality businesses to ensure maximum profits each day. Our unique SWS mobile tablet ordering software is ideal for busy pubs, restaurants, cafes and nightclubs who want to ensure fast table turn around as well as reduced mistakes. Tables can be opened quickly on the tablet software and drinks and food can be added, held and stored and then immediately sent to the kitchen for the chef to prepare. Drinks can also be printed to a drinks dispense printer if needed as well. Once complete you can also print the bill from the tablet software as well

Integrated card or standalone card payments

SWSystems have partnered with the latest card companies offering the best rates for touchscreen integrated and non-integrated credit / debit card terminals. Our touchscreen card terminals can be integrated by our development team into our SWS A-Class EPOS Till Systems. Please enquire for a quotation

Discount Loyalty, Price reduction for members, Points Loyalty

Discount loyalty, price reductions and points loyalty all help to drive repeat business for your existing customer base as well as capture new customers. Our EPOS Till systems offer an integrated setup using either contactless cards or magnetic swipe cards

Online ordering and mobile app wallet pay

SWS offer branded mobile app / online ordering technology to all food and drink businesses globally. Our digital ordering software is a flexible, scalable, platform opening up new revenue streams for all businesses, and is fully integrated into our EPOS Tills cloud back office software for easy data management and electronic reporting. All online orders are sent in real-time to a tablet or PC system and once approved by a member of staff printed to our range of kitchen printers and or digital kitchen displays in real-time. There are NO commission charges with our online ordering platform as seen with other aggregators such as Just Eat and Hungry House.

Happy Hour Pricing Automatically

Within our comprehensive cloud back office software are SWS A-Class EPOS Systems can be set to automatically turn on happy hour for both food and drink items at specific times of the day for different days of the week. Multiple offers of happy hour can also be run within the same day if need be.

Smart Mix and Match

Mix and Match is an important part of any business and our SWS Tills deliver on functionality with plenty of advanced options for set price mix match, cheapest free, priority mix and match for different combinations of items, plus other complex mix and match combinations
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Nottingham City Council

Despite not being a local business. SWS provided better service at a reduced price. I am happy with their SWS A-Class EPOS Tills and would happily recommend them

iL Calice Scotland

The SWS cloud back office software offers a myriad of features and electronic reports and the reliability is excellent during busy periods which is something we desired

Royal British Legion

We decided to go with SWSystems as their service, sales and overall products were a cut above the rest. We are very pleased with everything and will work with them again with other sites

The Coffee Jar London

Excellent service and support. Their EPOS Tills are super reliable and work with our integrated credit card terminal with the provider they recommended. A request that we desired. I would recommend to other businesses 10/10

Beaumont Brown

The retail scanning till system we have from SWSystems is great and the cloud has very low running costs. The support is good and we have had no issues so far.

The Shed Restaurant

Great pricing from SWSystems and we really like their products. They just get it right. Thank you for everything and we will definitely be recommending you to other businesses in the area

Jane Austen Bath

We have 2 linked SWS 15" EPOS Systems in both our tea room and retail / gift shop with cloud back office software and I am very pleased with the performance of the tills and credit card terminals provided by SWSystems

Kokoro Franchise

Our franchisees are delighted with SWSystems EPOS Tills and cloud back office software and owners especially like the numerous hospitality features and functions their systems have to offer.

Travellers Rest Pub

Aden and the SWS team have been with us for over 10 years and we have forged an excellent business relationship. I cannot stress enough how important and helpful the team have been and we will continue to use their services for the foreseeable future. Tim and Guinness

Firs Park Clacton-on-Sea

SWS offered excellent pricing and support prior to installation as well as after install. The Till systems are working very smoothly for our busy bars.

Stovepipe Manchester

The SWS Tills offer easy to use cloud reporting and product changes are a breeze. The systems fit nicely with our multi branch operation.

YMCA Birmingham

YMCA group has purchased a line of SWS EPOS Till systems and cloud back office software in the past and we will continue to work closely with their sales and technical team. 10/10

Millers Refillers

We have two Self Service Zero Waste Weigh Label Scale Systems from South West Systems and we are very happy with the setup and support. The scale systems work comfortably with their EPOS Tills and the scale back office software has proved essential for making day-to-day product and price changes by reducing weekly admin time by 70%.

Weigh To Shop

The Self-Service Weigh Label Systems from SWSare veryeasy for our client base to use. All our repeat customers love the system and the tare container label printing is clear and reliable. The EPOS they provide has a nice design to it and is well built.The software on the till is also very customisable but easy for staff to use.

Combe Farm Shop

We were recommended by other business owners to South West Systems both on merit and also how competitive their quotations were for EPOS Tills and Butchery weigh label systems. We currently have both our Café and Farm Shop fully configured with their EPOS Systems which is linked up to their cloud back office software. The card terminals are also fully integrated with their systems.

Why Choose Us

Easy Install
Our EPOS systems are fully configured and ready to use out of the box with our cloud back office software.
Superfast Setup
Forward us your products and pricing by email and our tech team can start work immediately.
UK-Based Support
Our dedicated support team will help with your setup and provide ongoing support on your EPOS systems.
The Power of Many
We have supplied systems and software to 1000’s of clients and are able to offer your business the best pricing

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What Our Customers Say

Sarah Williams

South West Systems offer EPOS Systems that are engaging for staff with a high level of software functionality.

Dan Owe

The advanced cloud reporting and dashboard has enabled us to make reactive business decisions to changes in the marketplace to stay ahead of the competition.

Elisha Davis

The integrated points loyalty add-on twinned with the purchase ordering stock control with SWS has been a breath of fresh air.

Jason Vadim

Our tenants love the versatility and reliability of the Casio EPOS Tills and cloud back end from South West Systems.

Andrew Taylor

Introduction of topping up of accounts with the SWS VR7000 Tills and contactless cards has opened up extra avenues to our client base.

Catherine Moore

The 2 mobile handheld computers purchased from South West Systems has reduced out of hours time for stock taking, price changes, supplier ordering and wastage recording by 80%.


Advanced Electronic Reporting


Advanced Electronic Reporting

Our advanced electronic reporting from the cloud back office software offers a real-time insight into your business. View reports on products sold, staff performance, branch total sales and other vital information all from the comfort of any web enabled device

All electronic reports from the cloud back office software can be exported by date-range in real-time to PDF, Excel, CSV and Text as well as many other formats.


Powerful Cloud Back Office

Back Office

Powerful Cloud Back Office

Our leading cloud back office software offers business owners the ability to view real-time sales, stock and staff performances from any PC, tablet and smartphone. Have full control of price changes, product editing, special offers such as happy hour, mix and match and set menus. Our various software options offer complete flexibility and we also cater for multi-branch businesses.


Security At Your Fingertips


Security At Your Fingertips

Staff security can be tailored for individual business needs and can be edited on the cloud back office software so that managers, supervisors, and staff have all the relevant restrictions. No sales and voids can be manager controlled and discounts can also be restricted. Our reliable magnetic sign on keys are the recommended choice for hospitality business and for retail we offer secure pin entry.

Our EPOS Till systems will help protect your business from employee fraud, identify staff mistakes more quickly as well as hide important sales and stock information.


Real-Time Stock Control


Real-Time Stock Control

Real-time stock levels can be viewed in an instant from any web enabled device. Stock takes and wastage can be inputted on the cloud back office software or for retail businesses via our mobile stock handheld device. Purchase ordering with suppliers with our stock control software can help give you a true audit trail of stock ordering and stock movements as well show true GP profit. For more advanced users unit conversions and recipe stock control can also be setup per product on the cloud back office software


Staff Time and Attendance


Staff Time and Attendance

Our leading time and attendance software allows staff to clock in and clock out of the till. The software highlights which staff members are performing and who are under-performing. With our software staff can clock out for breaks and also we can record overtime. Pay rates, employee information and other details can also be added to the cloud back office software. Hours and minutes are recorded for each staff member each day and total pay can be displayed as an electronic report on our cloud back office software


Instant Discounts Points and Topping Up


Instant Discounts Points and Topping Up

Our loyalty software bolt-on encourages repeat business as well as pushing brand awareness. Our systems can be setup to give a total discount, specific product discounts and even points loyalty. Credit or topping up of accounts can also be added to the system at any point in time. We use either contactless loyalty smart cards or magnetic swipe loyalty cards. Please enquire for a quotation



Reduce Weekly Admin by 60% and Save Time.


Reduce Weekly Admin by 60% and Save Time.

Our smart mobile laser handheld and software app allows management to carry out stock checks, stock takes, and price enquiries. Orders to suppliers can be quickly setup on the mobile handheld and wastage can also be put through the handheld. All data is then sent back securely and seamlessly to our cloud back office software.

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SWSystems offer the latest in web based software technology for retail, hospitality and service businesses. Increase your business profits today and join our ever growing customer base.

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Speedy Mobile Tablet Ordering

Online Ordering and Wallet Pay

Integration Into Xero Accounting Software

Integration Into Sage & Quickbooks Accounting Software

Sage pay Quickbook
Sage pay Quickbook Sage pay Quickbook Sage pay Quickbook


An integrated web-based platform to complement our mobile apps

  • Integrates with your existing website
  • Fully responsive design
  • Works in sync with your mobile app
  • Cross-browser support
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